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Can I easily change the colors on this template?
  • Yes, VERY easily as long as you know how to work with a style sheet.  All our colors and fonts are controlled by an external style sheet, twcxxx.css, located in the root directory of the web.  Note that the colors for the vertical menu in the flash movie are NOT controlled by css; you will need to make modifications directly to the flash source files (included) with Flash MX if you wish to make color changes in the movie.

How do I change the images in the flash movies?

  • You will (of course) need image editing software to crop and size your images to fit into the various frames of the movies.  All images for the flash movies are located in the movie_files/ directory of the web.  You will locate the file you wish to change, then size your file the same and save with the same name into the same directory, overwriting our originals:

    3 non-progressive .jpg file named image1.jpg, image2.jpg, and image3.jpg,sized 600px wide by 200px high.

How do I change the links and link names in the flash movie?

  • Open the file data.txt file, which contains:

    &b3=Product Details&
    &b4=Product Catalog&
    &b5=Template FAQ's&


    You will leave our field id's (such as url1, url2, etc.), all = signs, and all & characters in place.  Replace ONLY the text after = in each instance and before &.  These field id's are as follows:

    b1, b2, ..., b6:  The names that will appear in the upper ink bar
    url1, url2, ..., url6:  The html pages each "button" will link to

Can I remove from or add to the 6 existing flash button links?

  • Not really.  If you have more than 6 pages to link, we recommend you structure your site properly so the additional pages are linked in submenus.  If you have less than 6 pages to link, consider using a link for your email address such as:


    or linking to an outside source, such as:


How do I change the Your Name in the logo header?

  • We have included the layered photoshop file (images/design_elements/yourname.psd) if you have a graphics program capable of modifying layered photoshop files.  You will need the font Palatino Linotype (not included with the template), or you may substitute your own.  After changing, save back to the same directory as yourname.gif, overwriting our original.  As an alternative, you  may open the file include_top.htm, then either insert your own graphical logo or type your information in within FrontPage and save.

How do I change the copyright information at the bottom of the pages?

  • You need to do that only on the page "include_bot.htm" - the changes will be effective throughout all pages of your web.

Can I add more pages?

  • Certainly!  You can add as many as you wish!  Just use one of our blank page templates (see the "What's Included" page of this template).  Go to the Folder List (View, Folders) and open the template or your choice.  As soon as it is open, go to File, Save AS... - then save it as the name you want your new page to have.  Now, go to the Navigation view (View, Navigation).  Is your Folder List open as well?  If not, the go to View, Folder LIST to open it.  Next, locate the new filename in the Folder List (it's probably at the bottom), left click over it and while holding down the left mouse button, drag it over into the Navigation Structure and drop it where you want it, so that it is underneath either the Home page or another existing page.  Repeat every time you wish to add a new page!

Can I use your images for business cards/brochures/ads?

  • No.  We have paid the appropriate licensing fees for you to use the imagery free of copyright infringement for a web site only.  If you wish to use the imagery for other purposes, you will need to obtain your own license.  Please refer to the license agreement included with this template for additional details.

Why doesn't my form work?

  • Your form has to be programmed according to your own server to work.  Please refer to our general template FAQs on our web site for more information.